Monday, 15 September 2014

Incompetent Solicitors

A while ago I had to deal with solicitors. I didn't find the experience very pleasurable to say the least. Of course, dealing with solicitors isn't meant to be a happy thing but it would have been nice to not have the added worry that came with it.

I had to deal with missing files that led to me having time off work due to needing my signature again (this happened several times) as well as phone calls that weren't returned. When you have the stress of the actual issue you're at the solicitors for as well as incompetent solicitors then stuff can begin to get a bit much. 

My friend has suggested taking my issue to Redress Law so they can help me. Suing a solicitor for negligence isn't exactly a day to day thing and it really isn't something I want to do never mind being something I can be bothered doing. Luckily my friend said Redress Law helped her out no end and it wasn't as daunting as it sounds. I gave them a call and they explained the process in brief. I have an appointment soon so we can discuss it further and I'm hoping I can get things sorted as soon as possible.

Have you ever had issues with solicitors and if so what did you do about it? Any advice would be welcome.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Salad Doesn't Have to be Boring!

Roger's Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Crunch.
I've been eating a a lot of rubbish food lately so have decided to cut down on the luxuries and start experimenting with healthier options such as fresh salads - and less fried food of course! I know I say I'm going to start eating healthy a lot, I actually do but it doesn't really last that long. I suppose a few weeks of eating healthy is better than continuously eating rubbish fatty foods. 

Anyway, my boyfriend wasn't to happy with my decision. He thinks salad is rabbit food, he says it's leafy and boring. So cliche! I assured him I would search out some healthy salad recipes that would be enjoyable and tasty at the same time.

After a quick search online I found the Florette website. It has a great selection of suggestions. From 'Turkey and Clementine Salad' to a 'Super Healthy Green and Halloumi Salad' the suggestions cover a variety of ideas. Of course there's Vegan and Vegetarian recipes but there's also meat loaded recipes which make my mouth water just looking at them. 

The recipe I plan to try first is 'Roger's Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Crunch'. I have no idea who Roger is but I like his style! I have all the ingredients I need for this dish except for the Croutons so will fetch some tomorrow and get on with making this yummy sounding meal. 

I can't wait to try this as it looks and sounds so tasty. If it tastes as good as the picture looks then we're in for a treat! I will let you know how I get on and I'll let you know if I changed the other halves view from "leafy and boring" to something a bit more positive.

Do you have any salad recipes you want to share?

Monday, 11 August 2014

Water Saving

As a lover of mother nature I'm always looking for ways to cut back on my own negative impact on the environment. I want my children and their children to enjoy their natural surroundings however with the rate we are going there wont be any surroundings left to enjoy. This is due to many factors such as wasting water and not recycling. The worlds resources are being wasted day after day - there's only so long this can continue. 

If everyone takes it upon themselves to make changes - no matter how big or small then perhaps this could be slowed down somewhat. Personally I feel that the easiest and probably most effective way to make an impact would be to adopt small behaviors that can could be repeated each day making it an effortless task which could turn into habit. This way you will be having a positive effect without actually putting any effort in as it will all come naturally to you. 

I like to look out for articles that suggest ways to save our resources. The Happier Homes website has different pieces of information with regards to making the home healthier. This includes information on how to save water. One thing they suggest is that you could use a dishwasher instead of washing up by hand. They claim this could save up to 11 times the amount of water. I don't know how good this would be for the environment on a whole as I'm sure the electricity used to power the dishwasher would level out the savings.
If you'd like to see how much water you could save yourself then have a look at their useful water calculator
I had a go myself and it says that If I swap from hand washing to using a dishwasher I could save more than 18,000 litres per year. 

If everyone made a conscious effort to save water surely it would make some impact? 

What things do you do to help protect our environment? 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Airwick Fragrances

Everyone likes their surroundings to smell nice, especially when you're stuck indoors for whatever reason. I live in a house share and I like to relax in my own room instead of in the living room. It can get a bit stuffy when I'm sitting in the one room all the time so when I was asked to review some products for Airwick I jumped at the chance. First for me to enjoy was a 'Sapphire and Blue Cotton' reed diffuser. I was excited to try this as I find reed diffusers pleasing to the eye as well as smelling beautiful. What makes me even happier to try this product is my love for the cotton scent. It brings back memories of being back at my childhood home in the Winter. My mom would always tumble dry the washing and the house would smell so soft and fresh, it was really homely. I'm pleased to say that this particular scent lingers in the room and is very welcoming. It has a soft tone to it which is soothing and relaxing. It looks really pretty too which is a bonus. 
I was also sent a 'White Vanilla Bean Ribbon Scent' candle to try. Made with essential oils the scent fills the room when melted. You can enjoy the fragrance properly which is nice and unlike some other scented candles I've tried. Personally I love candles for the reason that you can enjoy the smell when you decide to instead of having the smell forced upon you at all times which could be the case for other scented products such as air fresheners. Another bonus is that candles are a relaxing and romantic edition to the home. This particular candle has a cute design being white with peach coloured stripes running across it. It comes in a square glass holder which is heavy with a thick base which should stop any marking on my table sides. Don't take my word for that though, I don't want to be liable for any damages. 

I have to say I love my candle a bit more than the reed diffusers but only because of how relaxing a candles is. I will most definitely be purchasing some more Airwick candles, I have my eye on the Pink Sweet Pea fragrance next. It has a beautiful bright pink colour to it which would look great in my bedroom. I will also be purchasing some reed diffusers for the bathroom as I would like a constant scent in there more than I would in my bedroom.

What's your favourite scented product? 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How can a Smartphone or tablet’s specification affect the game play?

Today’s smartphones really are very smart compared to those that were new just a few years ago. Phones such as new the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One Plus One are truly technology wonders packing 2.5 GHz quad core processors and super fast high definition GPUs and displays. If you are playing high end games, then playing them on the latest crop of Android phones will make a big difference. Fast processors and graphics mean that the games run smoothly and provide an immersive gaming experience, however don’t expect the kind of gaming experience you can achieve on a dedicated gaming console or a modern PC. Even though smartphones are improving all the time, they are still lagging behind desktop computing technology and are likely to do so forever.
If you play online games, for instance at, an online casino that is specifically geared towards tablets and phones, then you should be more interested in the connectivity of your smartphone than the microprocessor or graphics, though today every modern smartphone has 4G connectivity, but don’t be tempted to buy one of the older iPhones that doesn't. When you are playing casino games that last thing you want is for your connection to drop out just as you make it onto blackjack.
The other specification you should look at is the battery life. Phone battery technology hasn't been keeping up with the electronics with the result that most of us have to recharge our smartphones on a daily basis. Currently the phone with the best battery life is believed to be the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra followed by the Sony Xperia M2 and the Samsung Galaxy Notepro 12.2. However even the best battery lives are somewhat limited if you are continually connected on a 4G network playing games. The best you can expect is 10 hours, and the Apple iPhone 5 have a very limited battery life under these conditions of just 4 hours 20 minutes.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Birthday Celebrations!

It's my friends birthday coming up so I'm heading to London for a few days to celebrate with her. We've decided to stop by at the London Designer Outlet on the Wednesday. I've heard great things about the place and my friend said it's one of the best outlet shopping centres by her. I checked the website and it has such a wide selection of clothes shops and most importantly of all many food outlets to choose from. It also has it's own cinema so I'm sure we can make a day of it. 
The restaurants and cinema are open until late so we have a whole day to fill first. First port of call will have to be Phase Eight. I have a wedding coming up so it would be nice to treat myself to something special - not that I should need an excuse. 
Then onto food - my favourite bit! 
I'd love to try one of Las Iguanas Superfood salads and as I'll be choosing such a healthy option it would be rude not to balance it out with a cocktail or two. 
Then onto the cinema, with 9 screens I'm sure we can choose a film when we get there; with plenty of popcorn of course.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for when we're there? 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Vype E-Cigarettes

Whoever knows me know's I like to smoke. I tried to quit a while ago but it didn't really work. I'm now back to smoking packs of 20 like they're going out of fashion. I "enjoy" the ritual of smoking but not the smelly side effects.
My friend suggested I try a vapor cigarette and pointed me in the direction of Vype e-cigarettes

Vype are created with one aim "to be the truly satisfying alternative to smoking". 

What makes these cigarettes better and more suitable for people who actually enjoy the ritual of smoking is, in my opinion, that they're styled just like a real cigarette. I've used the strange shaped plastic contraptions supplied by the NHS and quite frankly they don't cut it. 

How the Vype works is quite simple - you draw air through the Vype cigarette and then an electronic heating element is activated which vaporises the liquid ready for inhalation. 
There's no nasty chemicals like there is in cigarettes but there is the nicotine you crave. 

Something I love is that, from both the rechargeable and disposable, you can choose from different flavours'Classic' which is a regular taste, 'Bold' which is a full bodied taste and my favourite - 'Menthol'. 

There's rechargeable and disposable to choose from, with about 130 puffs in a disposable and 250 in the rechargeable. What's even better is that if you save up 10 disposable cartridges and send them back to Vype for recycling they will send you out a new disposable for free. Sounds like a bargain to me!