Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How can a Smartphone or tablet’s specification affect the game play?

Today’s smartphones really are very smart compared to those that were new just a few years ago. Phones such as new the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One Plus One are truly technology wonders packing 2.5 GHz quad core processors and super fast high definition GPUs and displays. If you are playing high end games, then playing them on the latest crop of Android phones will make a big difference. Fast processors and graphics mean that the games run smoothly and provide an immersive gaming experience, however don’t expect the kind of gaming experience you can achieve on a dedicated gaming console or a modern PC. Even though smartphones are improving all the time, they are still lagging behind desktop computing technology and are likely to do so forever.
If you play online games, for instance at http://www.ipadcasino.co.nz, an online casino that is specifically geared towards tablets and phones, then you should be more interested in the connectivity of your smartphone than the microprocessor or graphics, though today every modern smartphone has 4G connectivity, but don’t be tempted to buy one of the older iPhones that doesn't. When you are playing casino games that last thing you want is for your connection to drop out just as you make it onto blackjack.
The other specification you should look at is the battery life. Phone battery technology hasn't been keeping up with the electronics with the result that most of us have to recharge our smartphones on a daily basis. Currently the phone with the best battery life is believed to be the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra followed by the Sony Xperia M2 and the Samsung Galaxy Notepro 12.2. However even the best battery lives are somewhat limited if you are continually connected on a 4G network playing games. The best you can expect is 10 hours, and the Apple iPhone 5 have a very limited battery life under these conditions of just 4 hours 20 minutes.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Birthday Celebrations!

It's my friends birthday coming up so I'm heading to London for a few days to celebrate with her. We've decided to stop by at the London Designer Outlet on the Wednesday. I've heard great things about the place and my friend said it's one of the best outlet shopping centres by her. I checked the website and it has such a wide selection of clothes shops and most importantly of all many food outlets to choose from. It also has it's own cinema so I'm sure we can make a day of it. 
The restaurants and cinema are open until late so we have a whole day to fill first. First port of call will have to be Phase Eight. I have a wedding coming up so it would be nice to treat myself to something special - not that I should need an excuse. 
Then onto food - my favourite bit! 
I'd love to try one of Las Iguanas Superfood salads and as I'll be choosing such a healthy option it would be rude not to balance it out with a cocktail or two. 
Then onto the cinema, with 9 screens I'm sure we can choose a film when we get there; with plenty of popcorn of course.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for when we're there? 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Vype E-Cigarettes

Whoever knows me know's I like to smoke. I tried to quit a while ago but it didn't really work. I'm now back to smoking packs of 20 like they're going out of fashion. I "enjoy" the ritual of smoking but not the smelly side effects.
My friend suggested I try a vapor cigarette and pointed me in the direction of Vype e-cigarettes

Vype are created with one aim "to be the truly satisfying alternative to smoking". 

What makes these cigarettes better and more suitable for people who actually enjoy the ritual of smoking is, in my opinion, that they're styled just like a real cigarette. I've used the strange shaped plastic contraptions supplied by the NHS and quite frankly they don't cut it. 

How the Vype works is quite simple - you draw air through the Vype cigarette and then an electronic heating element is activated which vaporises the liquid ready for inhalation. 
There's no nasty chemicals like there is in cigarettes but there is the nicotine you crave. 

Something I love is that, from both the rechargeable and disposable, you can choose from different flavours'Classic' which is a regular taste, 'Bold' which is a full bodied taste and my favourite - 'Menthol'. 

There's rechargeable and disposable to choose from, with about 130 puffs in a disposable and 250 in the rechargeable. What's even better is that if you save up 10 disposable cartridges and send them back to Vype for recycling they will send you out a new disposable for free. Sounds like a bargain to me! 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Natural Balance TREK Protein Bars

I've been a vegetarian for just over 4 months now and have been racking my brain for a quick and easy snack to enjoy when I need an energy boost. Then I remembered Natural Balance Foods. They produce a range of snack bars that are gluten, wheat and dairy free and are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, contain no added sugar or artificial additives. 

I love Natural Balance NAKD Bars as they have a nice filling texture which doesn't leave you wanting more. Perhaps it's due to the 100% pure ingredients - non of this added rubbish we're all so used to.

Natural Balance don't just supply us hungry folk with NAKD Bars. They also give us TREK protein bars. Containing fruit, oats, nuts and 11 - 12 grams of protein per bar they're a tasty refuel and perfect for a post workout snack! 

I found the texture a little dry which isn't a bad thing as I have a strange love for the dryer foods. I love the Mixed Berry Bar as you can really taste the berries; they're sweet and fruity - perfect! 

What's your favouite post workout snack? 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

John Lewis Autumn Wishlist

Autumn is finally here! The nights are darker earlier, the mornings are getting colder and my coat really isn't cutting it in the cosy stakes anymore. By the time I get to work I have sore shoulders from hunching up trying to get warm! It may look sunny outside but the air is bitter. This isn't such a bad thing as I LOVE Autumn! It's an amazing, beautiful and comforting season. Provided I have the right Personal Protective Equipment!

I've become a fan of John Lewis since finding some workout clothes at bargain prices. This is why I decided to check out what they had to offer me for the coming colder months. I came across the new Reiss AW13 Collection and have decided to compile a small wish list of items I'd like. 

I love this 'Reiss Chianti Belted Jacket'. The belt would hug my figure in the right places giving me a more flattering waistline. Who could resist that?  

Chianti Belted Jacket
I just love the warm, bold colour to this snug looking jumper. I think it would team up perfectly with a figure hugging pair of black jeans or even the pretty 'Carrie 1971 Denim Leggings' pictured below. 

Lewes Rib Jumper in Scarlet

I love how versatile these leggings are. I can imagine them dressed up with a colourful top like the 'Lewes Rib Jumper' pictured above and sexy black boots. 
Carrie 1971 Denim Leggings 
This is my John Lewis Autumn wish list so if my lovely fiancee is reading, please keep this in mind. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Skinny Bitch

A month or so ago I read a book called 'Skinny Bitch' by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin
They called it 'A no-nonsense tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fab'.
I took this to mean it was a diet book; I couldn't have been more wrong! 

Focusing on the stories the government fill your head with it's a shocking read that changed my eating habits for the better. We all know that eating fruit and vegetables is better than packaged processed food but who knew that the staples you're brought up to believe were healthy are in fact just a massive government lead ploy. Take milk and chicken; they're not as healthy as we're told they are.

I wont go deep into detail as I know many people will call me crazy but lets just say I am now a vegetarian who doesn't enjoy egg, milk or yogurt like I used to. The information provided isn't just their views - it's scientifically correct. The no-nonsense tough love really works. It gets in your head and makes a lot of sense.   

If you're looking to shake up your eating habits for the better have a read of 'Skinny Bitch'. Since reading that book I changed - it really was that easy.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

To Mac or Quo; That is the Question!

If you've read my blog before you may remember a post about my fiancee and I going to London for the day. Sadly due to work commitments that plan of action has been pushed back. As we now have longer to plan our day away we've decided to check out what the o2 arena has to offer. Personally I want to go to a festival but that would cost a huge wedge of money that I really couldn't justify spending. 
Whilst scanning the o2 website I spotted a Fleetwood Mac tour! Fleetwood Mac remind me of when I was about 19 and had moved back to my parents from my flat. It reminds me of a happy time where my mom was healthy and happy looking after me. It was the middle of winter so the house was warm and cosy, it actually makes me emotional thinking about it. 
As it's a day away for myself and my fiancee I think I have to take into account what he wants to do as well. I know he loves Status Quo so we will have to choose from Fleetwood Mac or the status quo tour. I have a feeling my fiancee will choose Status Quo as he's seen Fleetwood Mac before. Either way I'm excited about our day out away from Birmingham. It will definitely be a nice change from what we usually do! 

What live bands have you seen before?