Sunday, 21 July 2013

Frank Snack Bar - Review

Over the past few weeks I've cut meat out of my diet and have slowly been cutting out other animal products such as dairy and eggs. As I'm still learning this has made it a little difficult to find a tasty snack to curb my sweet cravings. It was like the people at Frank Food Co knew my situation when I was asked to review some of their Snack Bars. 
When I was looking at the website I found lots of information such as the low down on fast food as well as a list of events that could be of interest to people with different food requirements.

Frank Snack Bars are made with 100% natural ingredients such as wholegrain oats and fruit. They are gluten free, dairy free and contain no nuts! Now this is definitely something for everyone!

To keep the chocolate lovers happy they have a smooth layer of chocolate on the top which is superbly made with blended Coconut Cream and Cocoa Butter. The fact that these bars aren't made with 'real' chocolate doesn't compromise the taste of it. The chocolate tastes a little like dark chocolate but with a creaminess that I love.

Orange and Chocolate: I've always been a fan of chocolate and orange mixed together. These bars haven't changed my mind. They had a fresh, zingy and moreish taste to them.  

Double Chocolate: I have to say I was surprised of how much I liked this flavour. I expected it to be overly heavy which it wasn't at all. Considering these bars are made with hearty and whole ingredients they are quite light but filling at the same time. 

Strawberry and Chocolate: I didn't even get the chance to try this flavour as my fiancee swiped it from under me. He's a fully fledged eater of everything and even he was impressed. He said they were sweet and you couldn't tell they didn't have 'proper ingredients' in them. 

I have to say I've found my new go to treat and as an added bonus each bar contain 4g of protein so they're the perfect after workout snack to. 

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Bella-Marie said...

^ The above comment had a spelling mistake and I am a perfectionist!

As I was saying: I really need to try these out! I've heard a few bloggers mentioning them and anything healthy AND chocolate-y is on my wishlist!


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