Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Why I blog

I've always been OK with written English, well, I can just about string a sentence together. This is why I thought an online blog would be an acceptable idea. 
I've been off and on with blogging over the past year, mainly due to expecting to much from myself. The thought of my own words going onto the World Wide Web for all to read freaked me out a bit and it made me question what I wrote. Was it good enough? Was it boring? What's the point? Is it worth the stress? 

I've decided to list the pros of blogging so that I can look back and remember the reasons I do it. Even if it is only me reading my blog, isn't that why I started in the first place?

My reasons for blogging;

An online blog is a great place to store information should I want to check back at a later date. I can't be bothered to search through numerous notebooks looking for a specific piece of information. Instead I can come online go to the little search tab on my my blog and hey presto - I have what I'm looking for. 

It's my blog so I can write what I like. My views, thoughts and experiences are true to myself but not necessarily anyone else therefore they shouldn't effect anyone else. 

I can work with a media buying agency. If I'm putting time and effort into writing stuff why not get some pocket money out of it? 

This one is my favourite. I find the blogging community a big thing. Since I've been writing I found myself reading other people posts more and more. There's millions of blogs out there and the subjects are endless. From fitness, beauty and food to life lessons, politics and science. It's all there and waiting for me to read and soak up. I've always loved reading and can get stuck in a blog tangent for hours at a time. 

So for now I will continue blogging for myself and not worrying. Nothing and no one is perfect.

What keeps you blogging?  


beautyqueenuk said...

Good post hun, I blog because I like telling people what I think lol xx


Kim Carberry said...

Great post!!
My main reason for blogging is to have a permanent record of what my girls get up to it's also great to have a moan about things...I love

Liss Cope said...

love this post hun, I always ask myself the same thing, i like blogging for the opportunity to meet great people! I think
Big hugs bella! <3

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