Saturday, 20 July 2013

Workout Wear to Wear out my Excuses

I have just about got my eating habits sorted but there's still a long way to go on my quest to become fitter. 
It's been that long since I've taken part in any classes I haven't even got a work out kit never mind suitable trainers. When I finally get the last of my wages I will have to treat myself - that will stop any and all 'I don't have the right trainers' excuses that my lazy mind may try and come up with. 

Keeping in mind that money is an issue these trainers are a steal. At only £35 how could I resist? I love the pink and silver colour. They boast multi-direction flex nodes which provide a natural motion to the foot. I love the sound of this as when I've trained in my usual trainers the arch of my foot pulls and it hurts a lot. The high abrasion rubber out-soles will be perfect for running outside as I wont have to worry about slipping. I will have no excuse! You can purchase these from John Lewis - leave me a pair though please! 
Reebok RealFlex Fusion Cross Trainers

Next I need some comfortable trousers or shorts. I made the mistake of walking in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and the inside of my leg has been chaffed like I've never seen before. I now know it's a good idea to wear skintight workout wear. 
Nike Capri Pants
I love these Capri Pants. You have the band at the top which should in theory push my belly bulge in a bit. Since I started watching what I eat my belly is so much flatter but the skin is so very jiggly. It's not a good look at all so knowing my muffin top wont flop out mid stretch is a bonus. 

One thing I hate about going to the gym and taking part in classes is the shared exercise mats. Who wants to roll around on a mat that has had someone else sliding over it; I don't think they clean them every time either! This is why I've decided to splash out on a mat that I can carry around with me. At £25 from John Lewis I can buy this when I buy my trainers and trousers. 

I have no excuses left now! 


Joanna Victoria -x said...

I really need to buy some fitness clothing.These looking colourful and ideal.

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